Nämä aseet ja ajoneuvot löytyvät Battlefield 5:stä heti julkaisussa

DICE on paljastanut hitusen uutta tietoa tulevasta Battlefield 5 -pelistään.

Tällä kertaa paljastuksen kohteena ovat pelin julkaisun aikana saatavilla olevat aseet ja ajoneuvot. Aseita löytyy peräti kolmisenkymmentä ja sivuaseita seitsemän.

Tässä englanninkielinen lista aseista:


Assault Rifles

  • M1907 SF – Similar to the M1 carbine, only heavier and more powerful.
  • StG 44 –High rate of fire with good accuracy and stopping power.
  • Sturmgewehr 1-5 – Selective-fire variant of the Gewehr 1-5 semi-automatic rifle.

Semi-Automatic Rifles

  • Gewehr 43 –  A very Sturdy weapon.
  • Gewehr 1-5 – Uses the same detachable magazine as the StG 44.
  • M1A1 Carbine – Very fast firing, but with a rather weak bullet. Best used within 50 meters.
  • Selbstlader 1916 – Was more popular with the German air force than its army. Only 1,000 were ever made.
  • Turner SMLE – Fires faster than the Gewehr 43 but has a weaker bullet at range.

Bolt-Action Rifles

  • Gewehr M95/30 – Heavily used by the Austro-Hungarian Army.
  • Kar98k – Most common bolt-action rifle used by the German army.
  • Krag-Jorgensen – Featured an integral magazine which loaded from the side rather than the top.
  • Lee-Enfield No. 4 Mk l – Very fast firing sniper rifle, but the bullet is “significantly slower” than the Kar98k. Best for medium range.

Self-Loading Rifles

  • Model 8 – Was never formally adopted by the US Army.
  • RSC – Made with re-purposed parts from the Lebel rifle.
  • ZH-29 –  Can kill with only two hits.

Submachine Guns

  • EMP – Was very popular across Europe and Asia during the war.
  • MP40 – Dubbed  the “Schmeisser” despite not being designed by Hugo Schmeisser.
  • MP28 – Successor of the MP18 with a straight magazine.
  • MP34 –Based on the older MP18.
  • M1928A1 – The “Tommy Gun” is accurate features a high rate of fire.
  • STEN – Easier to control twin of the MP40.
  • Suomi KP/-31 – Very hard to control, this fast firing weapon starts off a bit weak, but benefits more from progression.

Light Machine Guns

  • Bren Gun – Based on a Czechoslovak design, it features a top-mounted box magazine.
  • FG-42 – Very fast firing with a small magazine. Highest damage output weapon on the support kit.
  • KE7 – Medium rate of fire.
  • Lewis Gun – Used by the British as an anti-aircraft gun. Features a top-mounted pan magazine.

Medium Machineguns

  • MG 34 – A portable, air-cooled machine gun with a high rate of fire. Later supplanted by the MG42.
  • MG 42 – Reliable, easy to use, and has an extreme rate of fire.


  • M30 Drilling – A triple barrel combination gun with plenty of flexible use. Can be used as a  double barrel shotgun in close quarters, or change fire mode to the rifle barrel for medium range shots.
  • 12g Automatic – Served in both world wars.

Battlefield 5 -toissijaiset aseet

  • FP-45 Liberator – Never intended for military use, this single-shot .45 was an insurgency weapon the allies mass-dropped behind enemy lines to resistance fighters.
  • M1911 – This single-action, magazine-fed, semi-automatic, Browning .45 was a standard-issue sidearm for the US Armed Forces.
  • Mk VI Revolver – While DICE didn’t provide information on this sidearm, the large .455 Webley revolvers were used by the British army. This particular model was retired in 1947.
  • P08 Pistol – The Model 1908 or P08 has a strong association with Nazi Germany.
  • P38 Pistol– A 9mm semi-automatic, the Walther P38 was a service pistol of the Wehrmacht, and built as a replacement for the more expensive Luger P08.
  • Repetierpistole M1912– A machine pistol version of the Steyr M1912. The Repetierpistole M1912/P16 uses a 16 round fixed magazine loaded via eight round stripper clips. High rate of fire. Only 960 were ever made.
  • Ruby – Self-loading, .32 pistol modeled after the Browning M190 with a detachable box magazine supporting nine rounds.

Battlefield 5 -lähitaisteluaseet

  • British Army Jack Knife
  • Club
  • Cricket Bat
  • Hatchet
  • Kukri
  • Pickaxe
  • Scout Knife
  • Shovel
  • Solveig Knife

Battlefield 5 -lelut

As always, gadgets are useful items which span everything from ammo crates to  Tellermines. Gadgets can rack up tons of points and help win a team match.  There will be 16 available when Battlefield 5 is released.

  • Ammunition Crate
  • Ammunition Pouch
  • Flare Gun
  • Grenade Rifle
  • M49 Spotting Scope
  • Medical Crate
  • Medical Pouch
  • Panzerfaust 100
  • PIAT
  • S 35 Bouncing Betty
  • SMLE Smoke Grenade Launcher
  • Sniper Decoy
  • Spawn Beacon
  • Sticky Dynamite
  • Sturmpistole
  • Tellermine

Battlefield 5 -taustatuki

  • Churchill Crocodile
  • JB-2 Rocket
  • Sd. Kfz 251 Pakwagen
  • Sturmtiger
  • Supply Canister Drop
  • T48 GMC 6 pdr AT Half-track
  • V-1 Rocket

Battlefield 5 -kiinteät ja ajoneuvoaseet

  • FlaK 38
  • MG34 Tripod
  • PaK 40
  • QF 6 pdr
  • Vickers HMG Tripod

Battlefield 5 -ajoneuvot

In Battlefield 5,  24 World War 2 vehicles will be at players’ disposable. Vehicles include authentic tanks, halftracks, fighters, bombers, and other era-appropriate machines.


  • Churchill Gun Carrier
  • Churchill Mk VII
  • Flakpanzer IV
  • Panzer 38(t)
  • Panzer IV
  • Staghound T17E1
  • Tiger I
  • Valentine AA Mk I
  • Valentine Mk VIII


  • Kettenkrad
  • Kubelwagen
  • M3 Halftrack
  • Sd. Kfz 251 Halftrack
  • Universal Carrier


  • Bf 109 G-2
  • Bf 109 G-6
  • Blenheim Mk IF
  • Blenheim MkI
  • Ju 87 Stuka B-1
  • Ju 87 Stuka B-2
  • Ju 88A
  • Mosquito F Mk II
  • Spitfire Mk VA
  • Spitfire Mk VB