Resident Evil 2 Remake toi niin näyttävästi 1990-luvun nostalgian tähän päivään, että sen jatko-osaa, Resident Evil 3 Remakea on odotettu kuin kuuta nousevaa.

Nyt Resident Evil 3 Remake on saanut arvosanansa maailmalla. Näin peli rankattiin:

  • (65/100) ”Kaunis, mutta suppeampi kuin alkuperäispeli”
  • VGC (4/5) – “Another great Resi remake that delivers action by the bucketload, but is somewhat lacking in replay value.”
  • IGN (9/10) – “With a sublimely detailed world and breakneck survival-horror gameplay, Resident Evil 3 is just as good as its 2019 predecessor. More, please!”
  • Game Informer (9/10) – “With this remake, Capcom has greatly improved one of my least-loved entries in the series”
  • PCGamesN (7/10) – “A great follow-up to last year’s Resident Evil 2 Remake, but it loses some magic by upping the pace.”
  • DualShockers (8.5/10) – “I would absolutely recommend Resident Evil 3 and would not be surprised if a sizable portion of the fandom ends up preferring this remake.”
  • Daily Star (5/5) – “Resident Evil 3: Remake continues the franchise’s resurgence with a fun, thrill-ride of a campaign that dovetails beautifully with last year’s Game of the Year contender to become one in its own right.”
  • ShackNews (9/10) – “From gameplay and replay value, to the overhauled story and environments, this game is a masterpiece, and the new standard bearer for Capcom’s franchise.”
  • God is a Geek (9/10) – “Resident Evil 3 is a superb remake of the original, with Nemesis being the clear highlight. Although inventory management and aiming can be a problem, it’s still a fantastic game.”
  • Trusted Reviews (3.5/5) – “Resident Evil 3 is a bit of a disappointment. It’s still a gorgeously spooky time, but one that is marred by an overly brief campaign and a so-so multiplayer component that doesn’t reach the standard we’ve come to expect from Capcom in recent years. ”
  • Twinfinite (3.5/5) – “It’s so damn good, but it’s disappointingly brief. The game looks stunning and it plays fantastically well, but I’ve beaten it twice and I don’t feel as though my hunger for Resident Evil has been satiated.”
  • Eurogamer (no score) – “I can’t shake the feeling the Resident Evil 3 remake was rushed – as its original was. Now that’s an unfortunate parallel.”
  • Metro (7/10) – “The source material already had its problems, but this disappointing remake manages to make Resident Evil 3 seem even less inspired than it did originally.”
  • VG247 (3/5) – “It’s still worth playing, but Resident Evil 3 Remake is a step backwards for Capcom, coming off the back of one of the best games of last year.”
  • Push Square (7/10) – “Resident Evil 3 had the potential to better its classic predecessor, but a disappointing amount of cut content and the let down that is Nemesis hold it back from greatness.”
  • LADbible (8/10) – “It won’t change the way you think about Resident Evil, but Resident Evil 3 is a faithful and thoroughly entertaining retelling of one of the most fondly remembered zombie games ever made.”
  • Destructoid (8/10) – “While the action enhancements help the game mechanically (to the point where I wouldn’t mind seeing them in other remakes), the stripped-down focus and removal of some of the original’s weirder experiments hurt it.”
  • Wccftech (9.5/10) – “A beautifully-balanced combination of white-knuckle mayhem and satisfying old-school tension, Resident Evil 3 is compulsively-munchable popcorn entertainment that, unfortunately, disappears all too quickly.”
  • TheSixthAxis (9/10) – “Capcom have done a marvellous job with Resident Evil 3, reviving another of their beloved survival horror classics and making it feel completely fresh once again.”
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