Colossus (X-Men)

This was a colossal effort and what I streamed on last night.. for 15 hours I really really wanted to get the chest illusion down. I worked so hard, its my Achilles heel of my paints always. Definitely my most in-depth piece and what I decided to take the most time on so far.  I have been wanting to paint the beautiful and majestic colossus since day 1 of streaming and finally got to paint one of everyone favourite x-men. As we all are I am very excited for the #deadpool #movie, I have already been deadpool.. So I’m extra stocked to be colossus!  I hope with all my heart you enjoy Colossus, and that he inspires novelty and wonder in you as well!  #colossus #bodypaint #yyc #makeup #mua #yyc @mehronmakeup #xmen #marvel #marvelcomics @stefankapicic @xmenmovies @xmengeek @xmenewsdaily @otaku_epic_cosplay @comictoons @cosplay_and_comics @badasscosplay @cosplay_only @galacticgamer_ @marvel @marvel_pics @marvel.arts @deadpoolmovie @bodypaint_magazine

Video, jonka Kay Pike (@kaypikefashion) julkaisi